Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OBIEE 11g Performance with Google Page Speed

A few weeks ago I tried out YSlow on OBIEE 11g.

I finally managed to find some time to mess around with Oracle Web Tier (HTTP and WebCache).

The results:

I went from a D to a C. Not terrible.

This time, I also used Google Page Speed.

41 out of 100 using just the application server (WLS).

Now adding in the Oracle Web Tier components, Oracle HTTP Server and Oracle Web Cache.

76 out of 100. Much better.

OBIEE 11g is built on Oracle WebLogic Server. It was not intuitive, to me anyway, that everything was being served via an application server. Therefore, there is no caching of static files or compression.

Putting a web server in front of your application server is a very easy way to increase page load times.

I would assume (stop laughing) that any web server would do the exact same thing as the Oracle Web Tier components...but, you know me.

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bex said...

Apache can do that with mod_cache or mod_proxy. IIS can do it with a $5k add-on. Otherwise you can use something like Squid or Varnish as a cache front-end for any web server.