Thursday, August 4, 2011

OBIEE 11g + YSlow

A recent discussion at the OBIEE Enterprise Methodology Group reminded me of something...

A few weeks back I tried out the YSlow extension from Yahoo against OBIEE 11g.

I couldn't figure out how to print or export the results until this morning when I clicked on the Tweet button. That gave me a URL.

For my test this morning, I used the SampleApp Build 10502 General Index (which rocks by the way, tons of great stuff and examples the team has created):

Overall Grade, D.

This page either got an A or a F. The F's were in the following categories:

- Make fewer HTTP requests
- Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) (no idea)
- Add expires headers
- Compress components with gzip
- Put JavaScript at bottom
- Reduce the number of DOM elements
- User cookie-free domains

You can find the page here.

Interesting stuff.

Google also has an extension called PageSpeed which you can find here.


bex said...

Not sure YSlow is the right tool... it's meant to test the performance of web sites, not web applications. Stuff like cookie-free domains and content delivery networks don't really apply.

But overall, yes... GZIP, expires headers, and cleaner HTML would help performance a bit. You can probably implement GZIP and Expires headers with a reverse proxy, tho.

oraclenerd said...


Good point about web site vs. web application.

I'm actually a little would think, ok, I would think, that WebLogic would do some of those things (GZip, Expires Headers) out of the box.

Colleague pointed me to the documentation where you have to...install Apache to do those things. WTF?

Obviously I have a thing or 2 to learn about WLS...just seems weird.