Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SOUG: 2010 Tech Day

yummyThat time of year is quickly approaching. By "that time of year" I mean the Suncoast Oracle Users Group kind-of annual Technology Day.

I just got back from dinner at The Laughing Cat (if you are ever in Tampa, you must try this place out...awesome food), which is the reason for that beautiful plate of food. That's cheese tortellini, tiger shrimp and filet mignon, no mushrooms.

What is it?
Tech Day is a great event. I first came, all the way from Gainesville (a whopping 2 hour drive) back in 2006. Tom Kyte was the keynote speaker. As impressed as I was seeing Mr. Kyte for the first time live, I was even more impressed with another speaker; Bob Netherton [blog | twitter] of Sun (now a Solaris and Virtualization evangelist at Oracle) on Solaris 10. He was absolutely infectious.

Though I still haven't tried Solaris yet (still working on my meager Ubuntu "skills"), he was an incredible speaker.

The other famous dude I remember was Lewis Cunningham, you know, the guy who thinks I am stalking him.

November was good for my friend Chet, aka OracleNerd. For starters, he got a job. Congrats! He also just became the Secretary of the SOUG.

This is getting kind of weird. I was in that position a few years ago. Is the nerd stalking the geek? I moved to Tampa, he moved to Tampa. I job hopped, he job hopped (mine was voluntary). I was on the board of SOUG, he is on the board of SOUG.

Wait a minute! He also became Tampa's newest Oracle ACE! This is just getting creepy. Chet, cut it out! Just kidding. Chet's a good guy and deserves it (mostly for the t-shirts). I did some database t-shirts a long time ago. Yep, stalking me.

Whatever. :)

Back to the point of this post. We don't have a complete speaker list (still recruiting, any takers?) just yet. I'm working on Jeff Smith [blog] aka @hillbillyToad, Syme Kutz/Kris Rice and one other person who I won't name just yet (because he doesn't know I'm going to ask). I am sure that the ever popular Craig Shallahamer [blog] will be speaking, followed by a One Day Performance Seminar the following day.

We almost had Cary Millsap, but there was a scheduling conflict.

As the list is finalized, I'll post that here.

When is it?
Great question. Wednesday, October 6th, 2010.

Where is it?
Italian Club facility at 1731 E. Seventh Avenue in Ybor City

How much does it cost?
Absolutely nothing. Free, as in beer.

Where do I register?
Right here.

Just for fun, you can answer here too (but this won't mean you are registered):

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