Thursday, September 9, 2010

OOW 2010: Schedule - Part I

I spent some time last night working with the Schedule Builder, which was surprisingly nice. Mostly focusing on OBIEE, OBIA, Datawarehousing and of course Exadata. Too many conflicts so far and some of the ones I have been looking forward to are Thursday afternoon and I'm leaving at 11:45 (right now anyway).

My Agenda
Sunday, September 19
12:30-13:30[UG] - [S314897] Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Dashboarding/Reporting and More
14:00-15:00[SIG] - [S318405] OAUG Oracle BI SIG
3:00-16:00[UG] - [S315813] Demystifying Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition/BI Applications
4:30-17:00[UG] - [S318490] Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Panel
Monday, September 20
12:30-13:30[CS] - [S316157] Implementing Oracle Exadata: An IBM DB2-to-Oracle Exadata Case Study
2:00-15:00[HOL] - [S318981] Transform Data into Insights with Oracle Business Intelligence Applications
5:00-18:00[CS] - [S315055] Preparing for the Oracle Exadata
Tuesday, September 21
11:00-12:00[PAN] - [S316818] Oracle Exadata Customer Panel: Deployment Experiences with Extreme Performance
12:30-13:30[CS] - [S316824] Top 10 Lessons Learned in Deploying the Oracle Exadata
2:00-15:00[CS] - [S317165] Oracle Database Performance Secrets Finally Revealed
3:30-16:30[HOL] - [S318749] Enhancing BI Applications, Oracle Database, and Oracle Exadata with Analytics
Wednesday, September 22
11:30-12:30[CS] - [S317151] Enhancing Oracle Data Warehouses with Rich Analytics for Business Intelligence
1:00-14:00[CS] - [S316821] Oracle Exadata Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices: Backup and Recovery
4:45-17:45[CS] - [S316822] Oracle Exadata Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices: Migrating to the Oracle Exadata
Thursday, September 23
9:00-10:00[CS] - [S316698] Resuming, Restarting, Restoring: Three Rs of Data Warehouse Fault Tolerance
11:00-12:00[CS] - [S316691] Real-Time Data Warehousing with Oracle BI and Oracle Database
12:00-13:00[CS] - [S316820] Oracle Exadata Technical Deep Dive: Architecture and Internals
1:30-14:30[CS] - [S317004] Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression: Next-Generation Compression

My Interests
Sunday, September 19
12:30-13:30[UG] - [S315266] IOUG: Capacity Management for the Oracle Exadata V2
2:00-15:00[UG] - [S318487]Oracle Exadata/Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Retail Case Study
3:30-16:30[UG] - [S318489]Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Dashboard Best Practices
Monday, September 20
2:00-15:00[CS] - [S316071] Building a Highly Scalable Data Warehouse Application on Oracle Exadata
Tuesday, September 21
2:00-15:00[CS] - [S316860]Using Oracle Database's Resource Manager for Database Consolidation
2:00-15:00[CS] - [S318290]Better Together: Oracle Database, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle BI Solutions
Wednesday, September 22
11:30-12:30[CS] - [S317008]Flash: Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache and Database Smart Flash Cache
Thursday, September 23
9:00-10:00[CS] - [S316787]Oracle Exadata: Achieve Extreme Performance


Chen Shapira said...

Too many sessions. You won't have time to hang out with us and have fun.

However, do show up for the DB2-Exadata presentation on Monday. Alex G. and I will also be there, and there will be fun prize and all :)

oraclenerd said...

I highly doubt that I will go to all of them...only if I had a clone.

That is the LinkShare one right? I kind-of interviewed with them a few months ago (with Michael actually), I'm looking forward to being there.

Jake said...

You're in some long sessions, e.g. 2:00-15:00. Damn that's a lot of content. I thought Moscone closed up at 1900 :)

You have an ambitious plan.