Sunday, September 19, 2010

OOW 2010: Exadata SIG

I managed to get registered this morning, I got to the oh-so-short Blogger/Press line (FTW!). Unfortunately, no schwag. Beggars can't be choosers though. I'm sure I'll find one of the bags somewhere.

I had a guide with me, my roommate, John Piwowar, who got us both signed in and then found the "session" in Moscone West, in the north end of the lobby. This is the signage for the Exadata SIG session, in case you were wondering how we found it:

And even better, Arup Nanda signage:

For me, there were really 3 main topics discussed:
1. Documentation - It comes bundled with the machine, but it is not publicly available. When will that be available?
2. Public Instance - Something similar to what the APEX team has done at Is that something that is feasible? Will Oracle ever do something like this? Will there be some sort of Oracle built VM that could simulate the setup for those of us who like to tinker. I'll talk more about this later.
3. I can't remember #3. Hmmm...there was some technical talk, around Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) and backup operations, but that wasn't the main thrust, to me anyway.

I'm not sure of the exact direction of the SIG just yet. It's still fairly new so it's expected that there will be some fluidity.

Some great discussions though. Well attended by some heavy weights (not fat people, like myself, but Oracle experts and the like). I always enjoy getting involved in those kind of discussions. Helps me learn and helps me feel like I can contribute something to the community, which I love.

If you get a chance today, stop by one of the other SIG meetings, it's a great way to get involved.


Phillip Stephenson, Senior Principal Product Manager [LinkedIn]
Anita Jackson, Director, NACH Business Development at Oracle
Arup Nanda
Paul Vallee
Mark Fielding
Fuad Arshad
John Piwowar
Martin Paul Nash
Richard J. Niemiec
Dan Norris

(I'll add links later...listening to Mark Rittman right now)

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Paul Valee and Marc Fielding FTW.