Monday, September 20, 2010

OOW 2010: Sunday Keynote

What follows are my notes from the event. I had no connection so I opened GEdit and wrote a bunch of stuff down.

Editor's Note:
Arrived about 5 minutes before the keynote started. Met up with Leighton just outside and we both managed to get pictures in front of the Iron Man suits.

Since I was late (read, not early), I have no wifi and just barely got power, otherwise I'd be writing this entire thing on my phone. I'm just posting my notes as this is actually a tape delay.

Keynote Start
Judy the Marketing lady started us off. 10 tips on enjoying a better OpenWorld/Oracle Develop/JavaOne.

Safra Catz
Safra Catz now on stage presenting the Oracle Excellence awards to the CIO winners.

Partner Award Winners:

Database: TriCore Solutions
Middleware: Accenture
Applications: Deloitte
Server and Storage: Netcentric Systems LLC
Industry: Fujitsu
Independent Software Vendor: SIV.AG
Midsize: DAZ Systems, Inc
Embedded: Nokia Siemens

Ann Livermore
HP Executive Vice President

Modernizing Data Center.

12,000 Oracle Specialists Worldwide
140,000 Joint Customers
1,000,000 Oracle Users Supported

40% of the Oracle licenses running on HP systems.

Market Leadership:
#1 or #2

Management Software

300K employees

56% share of the blade server market

Editor's Note:
Rumor had it we would be front row or close to the front row. I know what they say about assuming...We're more than halfway back with not enough chairs for the press, bloggers and analysts. Thankfully Leighton [blog|twitter] and I got power, just no internet. Better planning (I swear I don't develop like I plan trips).

Converged Infrastructure

Editor's Note:
Pretty much just waiting for Larry's keynote at this point. Mrs. Livermore has nothing to say that interests me.

Dave Donatelli from HP
Converged Infrastructure.

The Data Center of the future.

Server Silo. Netowrking Silo. Storage Silo. Management Silo.

Develops own storage, own server, own networking and own management processes.

Building from common parts.

Sea of Sensors: Real time measurement of a bunch of stuff, heat and power. Enables you to provision power on the fly allowing greater capacity.

Virtual Connect
Married networking into servers. Virtualized. Make changes without having to reboot.

Infrastructure Security:
Tipping Point

Common Management

Business Technology Optimization

Value Added Services

Editor's Note:
Please, make this end. Not personal, I just want to see Iron Man. This HP stuff is really boring. Besides, there are people watching this from the Mason Street tent with beer!

The misery has ended...HP is finally off the stage.

Now we're watching what seems to be the longest intro of all time. America's Cup and Larry's love of the sea....

Bring on Iron Man!

OK, I'm leaving...I'll have to watch the replay. I got a (booze) cruise to attend.

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