Sunday, September 19, 2010

OOW 2010: Day -1

Wow. What a day.

Started out on the floor of Lewis's hotel room (no, I didn't pass out) and ended up in the...quaint...King George hotel with John Piwowar (I learned tonight that those "w's" in there aren't really pronounced at "w's", they're pronounced as "v's").

The middle is where are the fun was though.

Let's see, I walked around San Francisco taking lots of pictures (top right) of this beautiful city and of all the Oracle related signs, tents, etc. I did get lost, which would shock no one. Google Maps didn't even help me.

I then ended up at the 4th Street Deli to watch the Gators beat Tennessee (poorly) where I met a fellow Gator up here for OpenWorld. He bought me a beer. Yeah for me.

After leaving there (and still being somewhat lost), I wandered into Old Navy (you know, it had big bright lights and big sign, so I was drawn in) and bought some cooler weather clothes (I live in Tampa, it's never cool).

Back to the Hilton where I ran into Ben Prusinski and got to meet Charles Kim. I'd link them up, but my internet connection is spotty.

Finally, off to dinner with Ben, John and Ronald Bradford (of mySQL fame) at a Thai restaurant. Then over to the Urban Tavern which is in the lobby of the Hilton. That's where I ran into Dan Norris and other members of his team. We had a few beers and he made fun of me quite a bit...apparently my head is gigantic. Whatever.

So that's it. Tomorrow is the big day, sessions start with the Exadata SIG early (10:30) in the morning. We'll see how many times I get lost tomorrow.

I sat in the lobby of the Union Square Hilton

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