Wednesday, April 21, 2010

COLLABORATE: Best Party (so far)

Fishbowl solutions hosted a party at the Mix Lounge atop THEhotel this evening. While distracted by the "wives of fishbowl"

(not pictured the lovely Amanda who loves to email blast me throughout the year)

and also distracted by pretty blue drinks (that didn't glow, much to my consternation)

I eventually made it outside to the balcony where I was greeted with a fabulous view of Vegas

Now the voting isn't over...tomorrow night is the big "Beach Party" put on by the COLLABORATE team...but this one was pretty freaking cool.


Kris said...

wish i were there to share the view!

oraclenerd said...

as do i love

Anonymous said...

Or you can find the Fishbowl Solutions that hosted this fabulous rage at

:) Thanks for the buzz.

George Sokol said...

Thanks for the posting and the vote as "Best Party!" Please note the link to Fishbowl, however, is The link on this post is to the wrong Fishbowl (Oops!). Regards, George Sokol,

Anonymous said...

It *was* an Awesome Party!

link to or the blog at

oraclenerd said...

@anonymous, George, and Billy,

Sorry about that...not sure how I flubbed the link.

An awesome party to be sure. Thanks for the invite!