Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Also known as the OAUG for the state of Florida.

I was told about the event by Chad Johnson, a frequent attendee of the local Suncoast Oracle Users Group (SOUG) and someone who I have come to like and respect. Mr. Johnson found me falling asleep, I mean, writing, in the main hall.

Of course I was interested in a Florida specific group...anything I can do to get people involved I'm all for.

Unfortunately, it ran right up around beer time (5 pm), but as John Piwowar pointed out:

So I was patient and attended the meeting.

Fortunately for me, the director(s) live in Tampa which means most (quarterly) meetings will probably be close.

This group is mostly comprised of functional people as opposed to the nerdy types, just an FYI.

They began to talk of a "Tech" day somewhere in Florida concentrating on the application side (EBS --> Payroll, HR, etc). SOUG is thinking about doing a tech day later this year. (I raise my hand) What if we combined forces? They seem to like the idea so I stuck around after the meeting to discuss further (again...putting off my beer consumption; it's for the greater good right? can we move this meeting downstairs? please?)

So we have plans to get everyone together to see if it's feasible. I think it makes sense...kind of a mini-COLLABORATE if you will.

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