Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oracle's Person of the Year

It's apparent my humor didn't come out in this writing. This was just a fun post. Mr. Rittman was at an Oracle Magazine event and anyone could get their picture on the cover as "Person of the Year." I will probably try to score one for myself. If you have one, send me a picture and I'll post your story. :)

In what appears to be, to this writer's knowledge anyway, the first "Person of the Year" has been awarded to Mr. Mark Rittman.

Mr. Rittman, a shy man by nature is an Oracle ACE Director in the BI/DW world. He's also one of the principal owners of RittmanMead consulting.

Mr. Rittman was given this high honor in a private ceremony in the Oracle Magazine party this evening. Sadly, this reporter was not invited to the event to cover this momentous occasion.

Congratulations to Mr. Rittman. His wife, Janet, was on hand (which tells this reporter that he knew about the award prior to coming to Las Vegas). The only comment I could get out of him was, "I am very humbled by this prestigious award" (spoken in a British accent of course).


Pete Scott said...

Maybe Oracle Magazine triggered the Icelandic volcano to keep Mrs Rittman in Las Vegas... you know the same one that stopped me getting there :-)

oraclenerd said...

There has to be a conspiracy in there somewhere...:)

Unknown said...

Oh ... my ... god. Person of the year? ROFLMAO

Greg Rahn said...

I thought it was awfully suspicious that Mark had the same outfit in the photo cover as he was wearing. Coincidence? I think not!

oraclenerd said...

Mr. Rahn,

You have a keen eye.

I think there was a "language" barrier with some of my European friends...too bad it wasn't April 1st.

Unknown said...


It wasn't so much the language, just that Pete and I know how good Mark is at hoovering up awards ;-)

He's my friend, so he'll take that in the spirit intended ...

oraclenerd said...


He did mention that (after yelling at me, (j/k)) it wasn't too far off for him...being an Oracle ACE of the Year and all.

I like the "hoovering" word...had to read it a couple of times to get what you were talking about.

Tim said...

I think 'hoovering' is such a British thang. Over here we would call it vacuuming but I guess Hoover got such a hold on the vacuum market in the UK that it entered the language.
My kids still stare at me when I ask them to do the hoovering or go get the Hoover. That's probably nothing to do with the language and more to do with the fact that they are lazy gits and don't even know what the vacuum looks like :0)