Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Despite going to bed at around 4 am Vegas time (7 am my time), I managed to get up around 8 (Vegas time).

I headed down and visited with some of the vendors to get some information on what they do, what they provide, etc.

I found a spot in the main lobby and parked myself there to start writing.

Ten minutes in, this guy comes over and we started to chat. He had just given a presentation on the MODEL clause so we spoke about that for a few minutes. His name was John King, which is my mother's maiden name. Talked about some other stuff before he took off for his next session.

Shortly after he left, this woman sits down next to me and we start to chat. I notice she has an ODTUG shirt on and I ask her if she is a member. "I'm on the board of directors." How cool. I then told her about pestering Mike Riley (and then Mark Rittman) about getting a blogger pass to the event.

Then it hit me who she was...

If you've seen the site recently, specifically the "T-Shirts in the Wild" slide show at the top right of the page, you would have seen David Peake (APEX Product Manager) and this other woman. Turns out I was sitting next to the "other woman". Barbara Morris was her name...I quickly showed her that her picture was up on my blog (since replace by Superman, Brian "Bex" Huff). Small freaking world.

When I was rested up, I went back into the exhibition hall where I ran into Mr. King again. I asked him if he was stalking me. He denied any such behavior. The exhibition hall was closing so that could prepare the food (and beer) for the 5 o'clock rush. I had asked him if was leaving and he said, "No, I'm an Exhibitor"

"Really, where's your booth?"

"I'm with ODTUG"

"No shit?"

"I'm on the board"


I then told him about pestering Mr. Riley (and Mr. Rittman) and told him I had met Mrs. Morris just after I first met him. I'm thinking that I was meant to attend ODTUG as a blogger...or at least that's what the universe was telling me.

Had my requisite beer(s) while perusing the exhibition hall finally ending up at the IOUG "booth"

I then followed these young ladies to the BIWA SIG event where many more IOUG workers were hanging out.

Met Stewart Bryson, who will be presenting at the Suncoast Oracle Users Group next month. Met these guys too...

This is also where I found out about Mark Rittman's "Person of the Year" award I'm glad I attended.

After that it was off to the Fishbowl Solutions and (finally) an early night for me.

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