Thursday, March 18, 2010

UPPER( 'dba' )

I'm tired of understanding enough to know how frustrating it is to not be able to speak to certain topics. I have discussions where I know (or believe) something is not right, but I lack the ability to articulate the reason. That blows. I don't like being in that all.

I want to be a real DBA now.
UPPER( 'dba' );
Since I am working with OBIEE right now, and I want to continue with that, I have to choose an alternate method to become a DBA. Reading and studying (which I already do), will not suffice.

I have no incentive, other than my natural drive. That hasn't been enough though. I can't apply it on a daily basis and continue to work as I do.

So I've decided to go the certification route. Now, there are many problems with certification and it seems to be watered down. I have met my fair share of those holding certain certifications who couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat. My reason for choosing certification is that it will push me to follow through with the training and give me a specific path towards that goal.

I believe I started down that path when I first got into IT, but I failed the first DBA test...barely. Then, it was pretty much rote, with 7 more years of experience under my belt, it should be a lot easier as I have a better understanding of most of the underlying concepts.

Anyone out there taken a similar path? Or were you just thrown into the fire? I would prefer the fire, but I have chosen my path (OBIEE) for now.


effendi said...

I think it's a good way to get a good understanding of DBA stuff. By no means do they make you an expert, but they give you a good understanding of best practices and new features between versions.

oraclenerd said...


I know, or understand, that I will not get the daily, practical experience, what I am hoping for is to attain a solid foundation of the concepts and be able to grow from there.

I think I could replace certification with a junior/mid-level DBA job with the right mentor in place...the added benefit of that is all the real world practice. Alas, it's not meant to be (just yet anyway).

Noons said...

You're doing the right thing, Chet.
OCP is the way to go for anyone starting on upper('dba') nowadays.

oraclenerd said...

Thanks Noons.

I wish I could find a good mentor that would take me under their wing, but it's not to be just yet. I had this guy for awhile, and that was fun, but I'd like to stay in one job for more than a year again. :)

icarus said...


I'm new to your blog but it's been really helpful on my way to obtaining OCP.

I've passed the 051 and am now studying for 052.

Regarding your post, I think both paths have advantages and a mix between them is probably the best way to go. And from what I gather, that's your situation, right? You have a job and now you're planning on taking the certification, which is great!

There are things we only learn through personal experience and others require a more thorough study.

I guess the goal is to get the most out of each path.

Thanks again for the valuable info you convey on your blog and good luck to you!

DomBrooks said...

In addition to the OCP study, which is a good move, you might be interested in Chen's dba practice group (although I admit that I signed up but I just haven't had the time to follow it).

February was AWK, March is Data Guard.

oraclenerd said...


I had been meaning to post something on it. I loved her idea of pulling in other people to "help" or just experience the same pain. :)

There was a small taste of that here with the EBS Install Challenge...but I liked Chen's approach a bit better.