Friday, March 19, 2010

SOUG + Toad Evangelist = Fun!

Twitter saves the world...again. On Monday I saw @hillbillytoad's announcement that he would be in Tampa.

the hillbillytoad announces trip to tampa

I proceeded to try and make plans to meet up with him along with @SQLChicken who resides in the area as well.

Then someone on the SOUG board decides to call a board meeting Monday 9 PM...during 24. Jerk.

We discussed moving our March meeting to early April to accommodate another speaker. I told them that that Jeff Smith (aka @hillbillytoad) would be in town the 23rd and 24th (our scheduled meeting is on the 25th) and that I would contact him to see if he was available to stay longer or present on the 24th. While in the meeting, I sent him an email (apparently Mr. Smith goes to bed at 9:15 or something).

Tuesday morning I received confirmation that he would love to speak on Wednesday the 24th.

Who is this Jeff Smith character? a Solutions Architect at Quest Software. He has been with Quest since 2001, working on the Toad R&D, Product Management, and Sales organizations. Jeff is the primary author of the Toad Handbook, 2nd Edition. Jeff is a regular speaker at Toad User Groups and Oracle User Groups worldwide.
You can find his blog here.

If you use Toad or are interested in learning more about Toad, come on over to his presentation/talk on Wednesday, March 24th. Directions and stuff can be found at the SOUG website.

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