Wednesday, March 17, 2010

APEX: Database Object Dependencies

I have this tendency to talk about APEX a my current client, they recently began using it. When one of their applications broke (built by a consultant), I was asked to help out.

Love the APEX.

In particular, I was asked if I could find out how the security was being implemented. Active Directory was being used to authenticate, but they weren't quite certain how authorization was used. I was given a package body and got started.

First thing I thought of was the Database Object Dependencies report. This is one of my all-time favorite features of APEX. It allows you to easily find all the references to database objects and includes a link to see each page where said object is used. Makes learning about an application super easy.

To get to this report, go to your application home. Off on the right side, you'll see a link that says Application Reports.

Application Reports

That first section there under Application you should see a link for Database Object Dependencies


You'll probably have a blank page, go ahead and click on the Compute Dependencies button

click on DOD

You'll get a lovely report like this

DOD report

Now you can drill down and find the pages where the object is referenced. I chose DEMO_CUSTOMERS


Click on the page number to go guessed it, that page. Remember the name of the component, locate it and see your object.

How nice is that?

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Unknown said...

This great, but what I'd really like to do is view the object dependencies for all the applications in my workspace - or (better) select an object (or perhaps several) and see which applications use them.