Monday, March 29, 2010

OBIEE: Report Drilldown

As I am doing mainly metadata work right now, I figured it would be good to get a better grasp of how the reporting works on the presentation layer, i.e. Answers.

To that extent, I've been having problems getting the drilldown reports to work the way I want them to. The problem is that the ID associated with the level is displaying, not the value.

I'm using the Time Dimension:

Total --> Year --> Quarter --> Month

Time Dimension

After initially creating it, I create an Answers report with one column, CALENDAR_YEAR.

Calendar Year Report

Might be hard to notice, but the year is hyperlinked, I should be able to click it and drill down to the quarter right?

Calendar Year ID

That's not what I want. I don't want to see the ID associated with it. That's meaningless to the user. You might be thinking, "What an idiot, why did he make the ID available in the presentation layer?"

I just thought of that too...removed it, and I received an error.

Anyway, the same thing (%_ID columns showing up instead of their description).

Click on Year (again) and I get the Quarters...well, the ID anyway.

Calendar Quarter ID

Click on the quarter (ID) and I get the month ID.

Calendar Month ID

So how do I fix this?

First, go back to the Admin tool, find the dimension and double click on Month to bring up the properties page

click on month

Select the Keys tab


You should see CALENDAR_MONTH_ID with the Chronological Key box checked. Select New

New Logical Level Key

Now check CALENDAR_MONTH_NUMBER and make sure that Drilldown is checked.

CMN Drilldown

That should take you back to the Keys screen. Now either double-click CALENDAR_MONTH_ID or select it and click Edit down at the bottom

click or edit

Now uncheck the Use for Drilldown box

Uncheck Use for Drilldown

Rinse and repeat for each of your dimension levels; Quarter and Year.

Go back to your report, remove the filters and remove everything but CALENDAR_YEAR, run the report, drill down and you should see this:

Final Report


You can use whatever columns you want to display. You don't have to use the Month Number, you could use March instead.


gopal said...

I am new to OBIEE,I have one problem with the drilldown,in time dimention I have year,quarter,month,day levels are there,In reporting if i click on year it is going to quarter,I want it has to go month how is it possible

gopal said...

I have another doubt month is in order April,August,December----- in alphabetical order, i want to be display it in january,february,march----- how is it possible in answers

oraclenerd said...

hi @gopal,

for the first one, go to "Preferred Drill Path" for the Year level and select Month. That will skip over quarter for you.

For #2, go into the BMM and find the text description of month. Open up the properties dialog and go to the General tab. You should see "Sort Order" with a box greyed out. Click the button next to it and select the numerical representation of month (1, 2...5, etc).