Monday, March 29, 2010

RDBMS + NoSQL Articles

There seem to be a whole lot of these running around lately. So I'm going to post the ones I know of here and update it as I find new ones. If you know of any, let me know and I'll post them here.

Somewhat related are the ones posted here:

Application Developers vs Database Developers
Application Developers vs. Database Developers: Part II
The "Database is a Bucket" Mentality
-->Everything is a Bit Bucket by Michael O'Neill
---->The Case for the Bit Bucket by Michael Cohen

Here are some of the ones rolling in:

Getting Real about NoSQL and the SQL-Isn't-Scalable Lie by Dennis Forbes
Getting Real about NoSQL and the SQL Performance Lie by Dennis Forbes
I Can't Wait for NoSQL to Die by Ted Dziuba
-->Not Everyone Using noSQL is a Rails-Lovin’ Ass-Clown by m3mnoch (h/t Mr. Cohen)
-->Why NoSQL Will Not Die by Stephan Schmidt (h/t Mr. Cohen)
My Thoughts on NoSQL by Eric Florenzano
Social Media Kills the Database by Bradford Stephens
NoSQL vs. RDBMS: Let the flames begin! by Joe Stump
-->Responding to Joe Stump on the NoSQL Debate by Dennis Forbes

NoSQL vs. RDBMS: Apples and Oranges? by Mike Kavis
Mike seems to be advocating the use of NoSQL type products for the larger datasets, i.e. data warehouses.
Oracle inspires an open source NoSQL tea party by Dana Blankenhorn
Is it Oracle's fault?
Mapping The NoSQL Space by Gwen (Chen) Shapira

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