Tuesday, October 21, 2008

JDeveloper, SQL Developer, Subversion and Tortoise

I've been trying for a month now to get JDeveloper, SQL Developer, Tortoise and Subversion to play nicely together. They don't really fight, but it seems JDev and SQLDev won't recognize versioned files if I check them out using Tortoise.

Very annoying because I like both tools.

So I went searching and found this document (online) in the help files. So I tried to put that DLL in the Tortoise bin directory, but of course that wouldn't work because they've renamed everything with a leading "T."

So I downloaded the actual SVN client from Subversion. Then put the dll in that directory...now I open up SQLDev and get this seay32.dll (or something like that) missing. Awesome.

Back to searching and I found this one. user594768 has only 2 posts but this one did the trick.

First, download the 1.2.0 SVNKit from here.

Then, do the following:
- jna.jar
- svnkit-javahl.jar (rename into svnjavahl.jar)
- svnkit.jar
- svnkitsrc.zip
- trilead.jar

into your /sqldeveloper/jdev/extensions/oracle.jdeveloper.subversion/ directory. If you rename svnkit-javahl.jar correctly the first time, you won't have to suffer like me for another week.

Start SQL Developer and go to Tools --> Preferences --> Versioning and it should read:
Subversion Client
SVN/1.5.2 SVNKit/1.2.0 (http://svnkit.com/) r4949

This works for both JDeveloper and SQL Developer.


Unknown said...

I just tried JDev with SVN Kit 1.2 per your instructions with the 5 files copied into extensions\oracle.jdeveloper.subversion directory and svnkit-javahl.jar renamed to svnjavahl.jar but subversion client is still not recognized.

oraclenerd said...


Did you restart JDeveloper? Upon restart, did you see any error messages in the log window?

Unknown said...

I should add that I also tried SQLDeveloper and the SQLDeveloper works but JDeveloper does not. I restarted JDeveloper while trying different tricks, the extension is not recognized by JDeveloper (in the Help --> About --> Extensions). When I try to test my connection in subversion navigator it hangs.

Unknown said...

I also want to add to my last comment. I was able to connect to an external subversion server using svn in JDeveloper but my local svn server mandates use of svn+ssh protocol. The log window did not show any errors.

oraclenerd said...


I got it working in JDeveloper Studio Edition Version and SQL Developer Version 1.5.1. I still have my copy of (with SVN Kit 1.1), I'll see if I can hook it up and I'll report back to you my findings.


Unknown said...

I just downloaded and tried JDev11g and it works as you mentioned. However, it requires JDK 1.6 and I would love to be able to get it working under JDev10g. Please let me know if it works.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever figure out if this solution works with

I've tried, but can't get it to work - it just hangs.

anger said...

Worked like a charm with JDev using Subversion Client:
SVN/1.5.6 SVNKit/1.2.3(http://svnkit.com/)r5521.

On XP and OSX.

Good job oraclenerd...

Unknown said...

Could you please publish the detailed steps for getting it to work with JDeveloper 10g?

anger said...

Firstly let me clear up a mishap that I published hastily yesterday during work ours. I successfully got it to work on XP and a colleague got it to work on CentOS not OSX, as stated previously, sorry about that misinformation.

Secondly, I performed the steps exactly as stated in the article above, I think that is detailed enough. The only difference being the updated version of Subversion Client.

oraclenerd said...

thanks @anger

sillydino said...

Works for me too, thanks much!

My Environment:
JDeveloper -
SVNKit - 1.2.3 (r5521)
TortoiseSVN - 1.5.5, Build 14361

Anonymous said...

Tried the solution given above. But it did not worked on my machine.
I m facing Severe(0,0): file:/C:/jdevstudio10134/jdev/extensions/trilead.jar does not contain an extension manifest.
also for the rest 4 jars mentioned above.
Versions: jdevloper

es.pinedo said...

I have do it with JDev and SVN Kit 1.3 (the last version). I copied the 5 files into extensions\oracle.jdeveloper.subversion directory and svnkit-javahl.jar renamed to svnjavahl.jar and It's works perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Tested to work with jdev 11GR1 (