Sunday, August 5, 2012

katezilla + AAC

About 8 months ago one of the staff at Sydney's School suggested we let katezilla try out one of the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) iPad apps. My parents let us use their iPad (v1) and bought the app that was suggested, My First AAC.

She's mostly used this at school, only really getting into it at home over the last month or three.

Fortunately, she has outgrown it. I say fortunately because it's great for her, but "bad" for us. I like to joke and say that Kate will have to pay for her own college and wedding as she's spent all of our money (I've been saying this since she was two). Of course, it's not true. I would spend all the money in the world on Kate if I had it.

So she's outgrown the current app. Her teacher has suggested that we upgrade to Proloquo2Go. Here it is on iTunes.


Now, our insurance has been great, a lot better than we initially expected. Most of her therapy is covered...but we've learned recently that we've missed her co-pays...going back to January. Ugh. Would have been way easier to deal with on a weekly or monthly basis, but staring at it with 6 months, not so fun.

More bright side, her tuition has gone down this month and for the upcoming year. Yay for that!

So how can I help?

Great question. I figured I'd do a t-shirt drive to help pay for Kate's AAC app. Oracle OpenWorld is coming up and if you're going, you need a shirt. Even if you're not going, you want one of these...I know you do. Go here if you're in the US.

I've heard from a few of you that shipping across the pond is simply cost-prohibitive. It should be easier for you now, I created a European "shop" which you can find here. No more excuses. Go buy one.


There are a few others (and I obviously need to study my geography a bit better).

Go buy one. Please.

(Apologies to those in other countries, India for example. Or continents, Latin America. Working on that. Hit me up if you're going to OOW, I'll bring some shirts with me so you don't have to pay for shipping.)

Update 2012/08/06 01:22 EST

Some people don't want or already have a t-shirt. If you'd like to simply donate, you can. Here. Actually, everything has a widget these days:

Update 2012/08/06 12:20 EST
Wow! Made goal in less than 12 hours. How awesome is that?

Finally, some katezilla goodness. Just in case you needed a reminder of why I do this stuff. She's interspersed throughout the video. The girl with the long black hair with a flower in it is one of Kate's friends.

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