Wednesday, September 21, 2011

katezilla: 7.62

So today was Kate's evaluation.

Nothing really new to report there. She's...Kate.

We're planning on getting her started in school as soon as possible, which looks like October 3rd. Awesomesauce.

Then we had to talk about money.


School: 15k/year

Not terrible for a private school, a little over 1k a month. Fortunately for us, the McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities will most likely cover most of that.

Therapy: 4k...per month

Ouch. They recommended 4.5 hours per day for Kate (we were expecting 5). Let's round up to 5 per day. Multiply that by 5 days, 25 hours per week. Approximately 4 weeks in a month, that's 100 hours per month. (No, I'm not going to use SQL to do the math this time). ABA therapy is approximately $45 per hour. That by the way is way cheaper than what we're paying for an in-home therapist for 6-7 hours per week.

Me: "Doesn't the McKay Scholarship cover some of that?"

School: "No, the McKay Scholarship covers tuition for school, not therapy"

Me: "But..."

School: "I know..."

Fun huh? It covers her school, i.e. getting her ready for the real world...but in order for her to be ready for the real world, she needs to be, I don't know, potty trained?


A cursory examination of our policy revealed that Kate's ABA therapy will be covered, somewhat. 80%. That's awesome right?!

Up to $15k per year.


That means that from May through'll be a load of fun.

We'll figure out a way of course...Kris is awesome at bureaucracy...or wading through it.

The hard part, for us anyway, is that so many people think that this is all free. I wish it were.

I tend towards the libertarian side of things, politically speaking, but there has to be help for those that can't help themselves doesn't there? I saw a Dennis Miller comedy show fairly recently and he said something along the lines of "fuck the clueless and help the helpless." I like that. Kate's not helpless of course, she has us (and you) as advocates for her...WTF?!


bex said...

Yikes... is moving to a more enlightened state an option? I hear Vermont is implementing single-payer care.

oraclenerd said...

that's a touchy subject in our household. :)

doubtful though, we have a lot of family in the area. my parents are here in tampa and her parents and brother are just 2 hours north in gainesville.

i could live anywhere, but can never go below 70 degrees or she'll freeze to death. i can't have that.