Tuesday, October 18, 2011

KScope + DevOps

Last year I had the pleasure of getting the Sunday Symposium together for KScope 11, this year, I have completed my takeover of the Database track by becoming the track lead.

I thought this was the best job ever, then I was attacked Nancy Kerrigan style by my handlers.

All that said, I think I've gathered a pretty good group of people to help review and select the abstracts for next year's conference (San Antonio, TX).

There will be 4 sub-tracks this year:
- Design/Data Modeling
- Maintenance (Performance, Tuning, Upgrades)
- (Dev)Operations

The one I am most excited about is the (Dev)Operations sub-track, aka, DevOps.

What is DevOps?

I'm glad you asked..

"DevOps" is an emerging set of principles, methods and practices for communication, collaboration and integration between software development (application/software engineering) and IT operations (systems administration/infrastructure) professionals.[1] It has developed in response to the emerging understanding of the interdependence and importance of both the development and operations disciplines in meeting an organization's goal of rapidly producing software products and services.

I am not necessarily a fan of the movement, but I am a fan of the principles behind it.

Every developer has a story about working with an evil DBA. LIkewise, every DBA has a story about some application that went to production where they were left completely out of the process.

But it is more than just a simple, "Can't we all just get along?" plea, this is about creating better software and streamlining processes.

My personal experience has been one of woeful cooperation, at any level. Our thought, our hope, is that this well help give other Oracle professionals better ideas on how to start down this road.

If you are interested in this topic, sign up. If you want to present on this (or any other) topic, register here.

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oraclenerd said...

Yeah, read that one too. I tend to agree with the DevOps analysis, but I still like the principles behind it, I just call it devops.

Our group went through that one as a con for the sub-track.