Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ODTUG Kscope 11: Tools Tools Tools

Somehow last year, I managed to get on the Database Development Track Selection Committee. I would attribute that, most likely, to my proximity to Lewis Cunningham [ blog | twitter ]...if I messed something up, he could come over and beat me up.

Not only did I get to read and rate well over a 100 abstracts (I think it was 100, I can't remember for sure...it was a lot, trust me), I somehow "volunteered" to put together the Tools, Tools, Tools Sunday symposium. I have a problem saying no.

"Whatever. I'll make the most of it," I thought.

You bet. I'm gonna make this thing exactly how I want it. Thoughts and dreams began to form in my brain...we could do this, we could do that, a VM? Definitely! Discussions with the rest of the committee yielded some great ideas. I was leaning towards more of a concept drive day, you know, "Why do this with Tool A?" or some such nonsense (see, I was building it for myself). That's when Lewis intervened and reeled me back in a bit.

Restraining order aside, he reminded me, Tools! Tools! Tools!

"What's it about?"


"Oh...wait, tools?"

Recently, I seemed to call a bunch of people tools...if read out of context that is:

Cary Millsap, Christian Berg, Alex Gorbachev, Eddie Awad, Chen Shapira, Jake Kuramoto, Matt Topper, Lewis Cunningham, John Scott, Dimitri Gielis . . . I could go on and on. I encourage other Oracle people to add these tools to their repertoire.

Mr. Kallman [blog | twitter] was angry I didn't include him in that list. The original copy did list him, but it was shortened due to a shortage of space. Besides, he didn't ostracize himself by calling all those people tools.

Anyway, tools. Database tools. Database development tools. Got it.

So who's speaking?

Lewis and I will be doing the introduction. Of course I can't be in the room (50 foot radius).

Who else? I'm glad you asked.

- Cary Millsap [ blog | twitter ]
- Dominic Delmolino [ blog | twitter ]
- Jeff Smith [ blog | twitter ]
- Kris Rice [ blog | twitter ]
- Marc de Oliveira [ linkedin ]
- Sten Vesterli [ blog | twitter ]
- Sue Harper [ blog | twitter ]

Not in that order. You'll have to check out the page to see what they are talking about.

I'm excited, very excited.

Thanks to Lewis for giving me this opportunity and much thanks to all the participants for making my job easier (though I will reserve final judgement until it's over). :)


Gary Myers said...

How about a blog piece on how you rate abstracts ? Thinking of trying one for InSync in Sydney this year. Be nice to know what you people would rate highly or as mere toilet paper.

oraclenerd said...

As a group, we had that discussion. Let me find it...perhaps I can ask the others if I can quote them on certain items (it wasn't bad or anything, just wouldn't want to publish without asking).