Saturday, June 25, 2011

KScope 11: The Journey

Somehow I managed to fall asleep before midnight...which was good, because I had an early morning flight to California.

You might be shocked to learn but I didn't bother to pack for the trip or prep my computer ahead of time (VNC).at

I think I was in denial, I haven't flown since October, so the nerves kicked in again. Flying itself isn't too bad, its thinking about flying which bugs me. My mind concocts all kind of silly scenarios.

I typically just imagine all my other friends who do this way more than I do...which has a bit of a calming effect.

Yes, I find it amusing that someone so "logical" and stuff has these fears...whatever.

I'm currently sitting in Phoenix at Sky Harbor International debating whether or not I should have a beer so that i can earn my 5 State badge on Untappd,it is 1 PM eastern time, so technically not the morning for me. I'll probably pass this time, perhaps on the way back?

I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow...the Tools, Tools, Tools symposium which I got to help organize takes place. If you are at KScope, I certainly hope you will attend, it is going to be pretty fun.

Now, off to Long Beach.

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