Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Nerd Defense

Really couldn't pass this one up. Friend and co-worker, Erica Baer [@skibaer] who has a Ph.D. in some sort of crazy thing (and she's not even 30!) sent me a link to Eyeglasses and Mock Juror Decisions...I'm pretty sure her Ph.D. is in something related to psychology (which is good for me, free counseling) and the selection of jurors. Wait, it's Forensic Psychology, LinkedIn told me so. Sadly, much of my charm is wasted on her, she sees right through it. Oh well.

So the link...had a great picture:

There are like 4 elements that apply to me there:
1. Nerd
2. Justice
3. Bald
4. Rollie Fingers-esque mustache
5. Glasses

Ok, 5, I can count, but you knew that.


Joel Garry said...

Great picture!

Go directly to jail, do not play Go, do not collect Foursquare points.

oraclenerd said...


6. I told you I can't count. Hadn't even thought of that myself...thanks for the reminder.