Thursday, March 31, 2011

Expert Oracle APEX

I'm a bit of a fan of APEX; haven't used it consistently in a while but I think it's a great tool. I've annoyed many managers/DBAs about getting it installed and configured for use...most of that to no avail.

Many years ago, almost 6 to be exact, I decided to port my business' J2EE app over to APEX and I needed hosting. Still relatively new, the market was small. Through the forums, I found John Scott and ShellPrompt. It took a few months to write the J2EE application from scratch, it took less than 2 weeks of off-hours work to port. I hosted my site there for a year, maybe a little longer. During that time, John was pure awesome. I blogged about John's customer service once, but that was another life and the blog no longer exists. We have met IRL, but have yet to have a beer together, I'm pretty sure he owes me at least 4 now.

Anyway, John has put together a new book, Expert Oracle Application Express which is a joint effort by some 14 different APEX authors.

While the content must be outstanding, the best part is that all funds will be donated to the families of 2 men, Carl Backstrom and Scott Spadafore. Both men worked for Oracle on the APEX team. Both men were incredibly involved in the community. Both were highly regarded in that community.

John blog's about it here.

If you use APEX, new to APEX, or just want to know WTF it is, go out and (pre)order this book now. Not only do you get a great resource, but you get to help out the families of Carl and Scott.

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Noons said...

This one is definitely in my "to get" list! Thanks.