Thursday, December 2, 2010

Win an Exadata Database Machine!

It's not a joke. No, there is no way to win one, yet.

Wouldn't it be nice to have one of these bad-boys in your home office though?

That was my original thought when I posed the question to The Twitter.

After a few replies I realized the absurdity of my thought to have my own private Exadata.

What about small businesses though? Non-profits doing research?

Wouldn't that be a great PR move? A way to give back to the community.

I have ulterior motives, of course. I may be helping out a friend on a database for autism research. If you don't know already, my daughter was recently diagnosed withPDD-NOS, which is...well, it's sort-of autism. I just call it autism though so I don't have to go into the details.

Wouldn't it be great to build out something like that on top of the latest, and greatest, hardware/software combination around? For kicks, I could ask about OBIEE as the reporting layer. (See how selfish I am?)

Anyway, just an idea. I'm full of ideas (or shit as most would say).

What do you think? I'm sure Oracle has tons of charities or causes they support. Would this be a worthwhile cause for Oracle?

As Jake would say, find the comments.


hillbillyToad said...

I think most charities would rather have the money, but Oracle would definitely build a lot of positive buzz with a major product donation like that. Especially if they threw in 5 years free maintenance and a week of custom consulting for setting it up.

Imagine the returns something like that could have for cancer research where the amount of data to be churned and the number of researchers...

Tom said...

If I lived in Siberia and needed a nice heater, I might like one.

But I think I will pass. Especially because the thing weighs a ton. :)

Now if you are a business, you want THAT machine!

oraclenerd said...

Oh yeah...absolutely.

Imagine also, if you will, letting the "people" be your DBA/designer/developers for something like that. I would gladly donate my time to a similar cause.

The lineup would be spectacular.

Even making it publicly, here I go again!

oraclenerd said...


I am a business! :)

SydOracle said...

Win the machine...but pay for your own licences ?

ProMed Mail gets some form of donations from Oracle and were/are running on the server. []

I'm not sure whether that counts as all or part of the donation though. But some sort of cloud usage (Apex, Exalogic ?) as a donation could be spread wider and thinner

Noons said...

Can't think of a more worthwhile cause!

oraclenerd said...


License would have to be included of course. What is it? 20% a year or there-about?

hehe...I've been pestering the Oracle folks for a little over a year now to do something similar to (which I love!). At first, it was a trade secret thing, which made sense because it was so new. Now though?

Of course I don't know how it could be managed...but that's not the point.

One of the reasons I really enjoy Oracle is that you can download all of their software and learn it yourself...Exadata, well you can't download hardware. Would be nice if you could POC something to show your boss wouldn't it?


oraclenerd said...


here here.

anything really. i won't be selfish. just think it would be 1, great PR and 2, just a good thing to do. karma rocks.

Luc said...

Your comment 'karma rocks' just says it all... Great idea! Many charities will have information needs just like any other organisation. - Luc

oraclenerd said...

well, you happen to know me, so that's cheating. :p

LaoTsao said...

IMHO, a public accessible exadata/exalogic env will be good enough for me
or oracle-vm based SandBOX

oraclenerd said...


You're in luck. Oracle recently announced Exadata On-Demand.

I've heard there are VMs (with the obvious performance gains) internally at Oracle. I've been arguing for some sort of happy medium...give us the VMs or give us something like so we can test it out.