Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Customer Service

Recently, I received a message via LinkedIn from a Product Manager at Oracle.

I won't say who, just because I wouldn't want to get them into any trouble.

The email was fairly general, mostly asking if I had used their product and if I had any questions. Well, I hadn't used that particular product, but I did have questions as it falls into my DW/BI realm.

So I sent my questions.

Within a day or so, I had this long, very detailed description about the differences between the 2 products and why one would choose one over the other (both products were Oracle products). It also included customer examples (sans customer names of course) of who is choosing what and when.

I love these kinds of exchanges. I love having the ability to ask questions of people who manage products because you get real insight into how they are thinking.

I believe this speaks volumes for this individual specifically and Oracle in general. I know Oracle isn't perfect by any means, but what company of that size is? This person wanted to make sure that I was informed, reached out to me, and provided me with the answer to my questions.

I certainly wish there were more people like this (not just at Oracle). After having sat in on an Exadata PoC, I can appreciate it that much more since I never get to spend the money. So thank you anonymous Oracle employee, you set a good example for quite a few people.

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Tom said...

Bud Light salutes you real man of genius!