Friday, September 10, 2010

OOW 2010: Toolkits

I just received my final-final confirmation for OOW/Oracle Develop/JavaOne. I am in my "getting ready" phase so I decided to read the whole thing.

Apparently there's a toolkit out there. Probably been there for awhile too.

You can find the OOW one here and the JavaOne/Oracle Develop one here.

I may have used these, had I read one of the earlier final confirmations. Maybe not. Who knows?

Anyway, here's the copy from the OOW page:

Here is a set of tools for reporters and bloggers, user groups leaders, technology thought leaders and influencers, and social media mavens of every kind. If you or your group will be speaking or presenting at Oracle OpenWorld, these tools will help generate awareness, enthusiasm, and participation. If you follow or report on specific technology solutions or trends, you can bring focus to the workshops, sessions, or labs that focus on that technology.

* Sample subject lines
* Sample e-mail copy
* Logo links for OpenWorld
* Banners and buttons for OpenWorld

So you could (still can) put banners up on your blog, put a little pizzazz in your email signature or, most importantly, get some ideas on how to pitch this to your boss.

Some sample banners:

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