Saturday, September 18, 2010

OOW 2010: Day -2

I arrived last night via Chicago. As difficult as it was to skip going home, I had to figure out the best way to balance work and Oracle OpenWorld (sort of work).

I arrived sometime around 10 PM PST, which was 2 AM in Chicago and 3 AM in Tampa. Fun. I will admit though, I don't have it nearly as bad as the people from Europe. Rumor has it, they're struggling.

Anyway, after taking the wrong BART train, I finally managed to find my way to the right one...which was actually the first one. I don't like to read directions much.

Got off at the Powell Street stop (which was right) and I was approached by an older gentlemen asking where I was staying. Like a moron, I told him. Fortunately, he wasn't a mean older gentlemen...he pointed me to the Hilton and walked me about half way there, before he asked for some spare change. I gave him $5, it was worth it.

Once there (about midnight) I walked around the gigantic 17th floor of rooms looking for Lewis Cunningham's room. He's obviously not a night owl like me...I woke him from his slumber.

We talked for a few minutes and then off to sleep.

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Jake said...

You must be tired. 10 PM Pacific is 12 AM Central and 1 AM Eastern :)