Sunday, September 26, 2010

OOW 2010: Blogger Meetup - Part IV

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V

Here's the exhaustive list that I have compiled of people I know where there. I do know that I did not meet everyone, so if I left you off, let me know and I'll add you (with a note from your doctor of course).

You can all thank me later for this list. It has taken hours to get all these links for all these people. At least next time, I won't have to do it. Plus, as I told John, I need this so I don't have to go looking someone up each and every time I want to link them up. I had a partial list before Oracle OpenWorld started, but it's now much more complete.Part I - Part II - Part III


Debra Lilley said...

still missing StanleyACED

oraclenerd said...

dang it...he is pictured in Part V though. Yes, there is a Part V. I'm trying to set the bar so high for that Apple TV thingy that no one will even try. ;)