Thursday, June 3, 2010

OBIEE: Gotcha #3

I received this wonderfully informative error this evening:

Promotion of checkout lock on Value to exclusive failed.

Value[nQSError: 36006] Promotion of checkout lock on Value to exclusive failed.

Lacking an Oracle Support login...I ventured to Google. Just like the error, it was wonderfully uninformative.

Log files?


This halted all development for me. Not all, I could make one change, check it in (save) and then I would get that error again. Wonderful.

From what I could piece together, and this is the purest form of speculation, it had something to do with naming.

I had a Physical database named "LOV"
I had a couple of columns (different tables) in another database with the same name.
These were all combined into one subject area.
Therefore that had to be the issue.

Or not. Who knows?

How did I fix it?

Shutdown the BI Server, opened up the RPD in read-only mode, did what I had to do and saved error. Sweet.

Fired up the BI Server, opened up the can only open this in read-only mode. WTF?

Let's try this again.



Login. Success!

I almost followed the universal Windows rule of rebooting 3 times...almost.


Anonymous said...

That worked like a charm for me. The server didn't even tell me the repository could only be opened in read-only mode when I brought it back up after saving offline.


Justin said...

I too have run into this error, but have solved it in a different fashion. I check out ALL objects in the repository (online) and then check them back in. This has solved the issue for me every time and may save someone some time in the future.

oraclenerd said...

good to know Justin...I haven't seen this behavior in 11g (jinx!), so hopefully it's been resolved for good.