Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kevin Closson: DIY Exadata-level Performance?

Kevin Closson of the Oracle Systems Technology Group is looking for votes for his Oracle OpenWorld session over on Mix.


Do-It-Yourself Exadata-level Performance?


Oracle and Sun combined offer a tremendous array of hardware and software technologies. Would it be possible to open the product catalogue and assemble enough gear to offer Exadata-like performance? This is the presentation for the true DIY spirit in all of us. Come listen to Kevin Closson (Performance Architect, Oracle Server Technologies) tackle this notion with more fact than faith.

About Mr. Closson

Kevin is a Performance Architect in Oracle Corporation’s Server Technology Group. His 20 year career has included Engineering, Competitive Benchmarking, Support, and Application Development on high-end SMP and Clustered platforms. His work prior to Oracle at HP/PolyServe, Veritas and IBM/Sequent was focused on scalability and availability of the Oracle server. His Oracle port-level work at Sequent led to his U.S. patents in SMP/NUMA locking and database caching methods. Kevin speaks frequently at Oracle conferences and is a member of The OakTable Network. Kevin is also an Oracle Employee Ace. In addition to book collaborations, his written works have appeared in Oracle Magazine, Oracle Internals Magazine, IBM Redbooks and SELECT.

You can vote for his session here.

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