Friday, May 28, 2010

SOUG: Stewart Bryson

Stewart BrysonTonight we welcomed Mr. Stewart Bryson [blog|twitter|RittmanMead] into the fold.

(Small side note: I met Mr. Bryson in person at COLLABORATE this year. For some strange reason, I had pictured him as this late fifties dude. Turns out he's (slightly) younger than me).

First off though, I walked in and there seemed to be a buzz in the air along with a few new faces (for me anyway, I can't attend regularly due to travel). Was this buzz all about Mr. Bryson. It seemed so.

Mr. Bryson has been working with RittmanMead (you might know one of the founders, Mark Rittman, Oracle's Person of the Year) since the beginning of last year and he's heading up the RittmanMead America division.

Anyway, off to the presentation. The title of the presentation was OLTP DBA’s Guide to Delivering a Dimensional Model. Many willing DBAs in the crowd wanting to hear his take on the matter. He certainly didn't disappoint. I started to realize it was getting dark in the room when I finally looked at my clock, a few minutes after 8. I believe Mr. Bryson began around 6:30, maybe a little later. That was the fastest hour and a half. Usually by then I am bored out of my mind and ready for beer with whomever will join me.

Now I was mad because it was going to get cut short. I'm pretty sure everyone else would have been willing to stay another hour or so as well.

Here's the presentation if you are interested. For more RittmanMead papers and presentations go here.

It took well over an hour for Mr. Bryson to finally make his escape. He stuck around to answer lots of questions and make fun of me...wait, that was someone else...or was it? No matter.

If you get a chance to see Mr. Bryson speak, take it. He knows his sh...err...stuff.

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