Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Madness

No, it's not about basketball. I can't seem to get into this year, despite all the upsets (from what I hear).

This month, oraclenerd passed the 10,000 visitor mark...that's just amazing to me. Thank you.

Almost hit 16,000 page views as well. 10 shy if you're curious. Again, awesome.

Like last month, I'm posting the top 10 list based on views for March.

Learning OBIEE763
EBS Install Guide - Part 1 by John Piwowar573
DBMS_CRYPTO: Example381
The Case for the Bit Bucket by Michael Cohen352
APEX: Install 3.2.1 on 11gR2331
EBS Install Guide - Part 2330
OBIEE: How to Migrate Your RPD238
ORA-08177 can't serialize access for this transaction236
OBIEE: Install on OEL 5.4 225
EBS Install Guide - Part 3210

On a related note, John cracked the top 10, all time, in pages viewed on oraclenerd. His post has been up for just under 4 months and I've been at this for almost 31 months. Maybe if I had John post more often I could actually make (more) money here. As it stands, I owe him about $0.53 USD.

If you want to take a crack at John, I'm still accepting guest posts. Had 2 this month, both on the database as a bucket meme. Michael O'Neill had extended comments in Everything is a Bit Bucket and Michael Cohen took the other usual.

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