Monday, April 19, 2010


During the keynote my camera died...which meant that I had absolutely no way to take pictures because it joined my phone which died last night. Naturally I left the charger in the room...id10t.

Anyway, I ran to the Press Room in the hopes that I would find someone who could charge the phone, the camera and I could get a decent wifi connection. On my way there one of the session signs caught my eye, "Exadata" something.

Parked everything in the Press Room (Reef A) and went old school bringing a pen and a notebook to the presentation.

How Exadata Will Dramatically Change the Role of DBAs and Developers
by Juan Loaiza

I would put a picture of him in here...

He talked about the use of Flash technology and how the implementation of it has moved the bottleneck to everything else. Basically, none of the other hardware components can keep up.

(Please remember, I don't even resemble a hardware if I misspeak or something, don't yell).

Also, the Flash technology has been implemented as PCI cards, not as "fake" disks so that they can be closer to the processor.

The other point he tried to drive home is Role Consolidation, which is where the real savings will come in from a resource perspective.

Let's see if I can do this justice.

CompetencyTradtional Role
External NetworkingNetwork Admin
HardwareSys Admin
Infiniband NetworkStorage/Net Admin
LinuxOS/Sys Admin
ASM/External StorageStorage Admin

Mr. Loaiza arguing that much of this stuff can now be managed by a DBA thus consolidating resources and saving you money.

I did miss the part about how it affects a Developers life...but I should be able to figure that out on my own.

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