Sunday, March 28, 2010

Random Things: Volume #18

Some have noticed that I have been posting my exam topics notes. I have multiple reasons for this.
  1. Any search I have performed on the test returns a bunch of brain dumps, cheat sheets and of course some legitimate books and guides. I'm more concerned that all those brain dumps and cheat sheets proliferate. As I go along, putting my notes here, updating the main page with the link to the new subject, I get higher and higher in the search results. Last check had me in the top 30. I won't stop many from taking the easy route, but hopefully those that are wavering, can see that it is possible to do this with a little hard work.
  2. See #1
I thought I had more, but that turned out to be everything. Far too many people (anything more than 0 is too many) take the easy route and give many of us who actually care a bad name.

1Z0-052 Studying
Speaking of the testing...I'm about halfway through gathering notes. I'm tackling the ones I know fairly well first. As I find new information on previous topics, I go back and update that main page. I'm hoping to take the test sometime after I return from COLLABORATE.

Some NoSQL articles keep rolling in...

I Can't Wait for NoSQL to Die by Ted Dziuba

My Thoughts on NoSQL by Eric Florenzano

Social Media Kills the Database by Bradford Stephens

NoSQL vs. RDBMS: Let the flames begin! by Joe Stump

Not Everyone Using noSQL is a Rails-Lovin’ Ass-Clown by m3mnoch (h/t Mr. Cohen)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about DBA_TABLES vs DBA_OBJECTS. Basically, I had just created an object and couldn't find reference to it...well, I figured it out. I had created a locally named table, DBA_OBJECTS while doing some stuff with OBIEE...which of course took preference over the DBA_OBJECTS view...and made me a complete id10t.

I have a friend, who has made appearances here (not as a guest author) who completed his, like, 47th interview with Oracle this week. He was offered the job and is, I imagine, in the process of negotiation. The position was fairly high profile held by one of the best in the field previously. I'll announce (i.e. brag for him) when the process is complete.

Of course I had about 30 different things I wanted to talk about...but that was at 3 this morning trying to fall asleep. I should have written them down. I'm sure they'll be remembered over the next couple days.


Tom said...

WOW, What is shocking is Ted Dziuba worked for Google which has BigTable etc, but they also run Adsense on MySQL FOR A REASON.

Use the right tool for the job and everyone wins.

jpiwowar said...

Mad props for creating your own Google bomb to deter Oracle certification cheats. Way to use your powers (and pagerank) for good! :-)


John P.

Tom said...

Oracle is pretty flexible on passing the exams too. I think you just have to get around 65% of the questions right. Speaking of which, I need to upgrade my 10g OCP ASAP.