Sunday, March 7, 2010

OBIEE: Default Answers Template?

After trying out the lazyweb method of search (aka Twitter) and not getting much help, I resorted to help at the OTN OBIEE Forum. It's not Twitter's fault, I think this problem was a bit too complex to describe in 140 characters.

Here's the post on OTN. I started to get nervous too, I posted on Friday and hadn't had a response...until today. 3 days? Man...that's way too long!

Here's the short of it.

Our reports were coming out funny. Dimension column headings had one style and the Fact table column headings had another.

dim/fact difference

Using Firebug, I could easily isolate the sections.

On the Dimension column, the definition looked like this:
style="background-color: rgb(231, 231, 247); font-size: 9px; color: rgb(0, 51, 102);"
dir="ltr">Product Desc
The Fact table column was defined as:
dir="ltr">Basis Amount
Note the style attribute...that overrides any class settings. Very annoying.

I thought it would be relatively simple to fix. I worked with custom messages before, this had to be similar. So I began to "grep" the messages directory
c:\oraclebi\web\msgdb\>findstr /i /m /s /c:"background-color" *.*

How about looking for the name of the class, ColumnHdg?
c:\oraclebi\web\msgdb\>findstr /i /m /s /c:"columnhdg" *.*
So I start with criteriatemplates.xml and find the reference to columnHdg (just now realizing that the case doesn't match...oh well). That was part of the WebMessage kuiColumnFormulaEditor. So I searched for that...

You see where I'm going.

That lead me to the javascript files (of which there are tons). Nothing...not a single thing that could possibly be adding this style attribute.

That's when I mapped the dev server drive to my local computer and opened up WinMerge

I then began to compare every single file in both the msgdb and res (javascript) folders. I would then compare the files that were different to see if that could be the cause. Still...nothing.

I had looked in the webcat before, but couldn't find anything of global significance. I was headed back there though since I had lost hope with custom messages and/or javascript.

Then I got a message from the OTN Forum Administrator...could it be? Looked at the name of the person who answered it first, John Minkjan...sweet!
Looks like you forgot to reset the OOB settings when installing OBIEE:
have a look here to reset them:
Click through, follow his instructions, bounce the server and voila!


As of this writing, I don't know what OOB stands for; I could make something up, but it probably wouldn't be appropriate for this family site.

Thanks John!


Anonymous said...

OOB -- Out Of The Box.

Hope This helps

Sunil S Ranka
"Superior BI is antidote to Business Failure"

oraclenerd said...


Thinking about it later it finally occurred to of those "duh" moments for me. :)

Tom said...

Chet, are you the Doogie Howser of database/bi technology? You look awfully young in that pic!

oraclenerd said...

I am Doogie Howser. At least that's what I want everyone to think. My kid is way better looking than I am...I think that helps with my readership. :)