Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Things: Volume #14

I'm flying now up to Greenville every week. No more driving.

My Sunday flight is at 9 am, which is nice because I'm too tired to think of stuffing myself in a plane. Today was...annoying. Two older gentlemen (word used very looslely) who obviously were out partying last night seemed to believe they were the only 2 people around and talked to each other accordingly.

It started at the ticket counter. They were standing no where near each other but felt the need to discuss last night's escapades. You know, not saying things outright, just hinting at some of the things that gone on. It was amusing for about 2 seconds.

Of course they're little game didn't stop when they got on the plane. Inside voice anyone?

Look, I get obnoxious...I am obnoxious. I try not to be so obnoxious around people I don't know though, just a simple courtesy. They finally shut up once the plane took off to the delight of most of the passengers.

It's that time of year again. An email came through last week announcing that the call for papers would begin in March. It seems like it just ended doesn't it?

Find more information here. I may submit my How to Use Social Media to Increase Productivity paper abstract. Still debating that. Maybe I can talk Jake into co-presenting with me. I got turned down at ODTUG but OOW but be more amenable to it as the scope of the event is much broader.

I'm also contemplating one on OBIEE maybe targeted to the beginners out there. Who knows?

I had some other stuff to write, but it seems my brain has gone blank.

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Jake said...

You should submit it, but I don't think you need a partner. It's all you pal.