Monday, January 18, 2010

OBIEE: Connect to Remote RPD

There is occasion were you will not have physical access to the machine which hosts your RPD.

How to connect?

First create a new ODBC Data Source, you can find that in Control Panel --> Administrative Tools

Choose the System DSN tab

Click on Add

Then select the BI Server driver

You'll be prompted with this:

For name enter "remote_rpd", for server, select the location of your other server, in my case, it's XP

Enter the username and password to the remote RPD (if you haven't changed anything, it's Administrator/Administrator)

Go ahead and accept the defaults

You should now see "remote_rpd" in your list of data sources

Finally, open up your BI Administration tool and you should see "remote_rpd" in your list

Enter the password and voila! You are in.


Tom said...

Good post :)... I remember when I started at my new company as an Oracle DBA, I was told, besides Oracle, you are the OBIEE admin... I was thinking huh? So I set it up, and this is where I hit a snag. I finally figured it out and was able to connect to clear things like cache. I go to OBIEE training next week (woot!).

It's good to learn new stuff. Besides that I am the Informatica, OC4J, Tomcat, WebSphere, Weblogic, Oracle App Server admin. Talk about lots of junk.

oraclenerd said...

jack of all trades

admittedly, it's kind of fun knowing a bit about everything and it doesn't hurt the career much either.

once you complete the dataguard can do another one on OBIEE. :)

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Anonymous said...

intersting post. I just tried to repeat these steps, but I struggle at the point where you select your server "xp". I have only "local" available. Any idea how I can edit this menu and define a server host name?

Anledry Cobos said...

Gracias, Merci, DANKE, Thanks