Saturday, December 5, 2009

APEX: Assign Multiple Schemas To A Single Workspace

Home --> Administrative Services --> Manage Workspaces --> Assign Multiple Schemas To A Single Workspace

While "teaching" APEX to a group of folks I was asked how to assign multiple schemas to a single workspace. For the life of me, I couldn't remember or figure out how to do it through the web interface. Strangely, I had recently been playing with the APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN package and I knew it was possible...just couldn't find the right way through the interface.

We'll start with creating a new workspace using the web interface.

First, click on Create Workspace

Next, name the workspace "TEST" and select Next.

Select Yes from the drop down for "Re-use existing schema?" I picked APEX_TEST as the schema to map to. Then select Next.

I left the default Administrator Username, ADMIN. The password is ADMIN and the email is ADMIN@EMAIL.COM. Select Next.

I'm then prompted to confirm the details of the new workspace. Select Create.

My workspace has been created.

You'll be redirected back to the Manage Workspace page.

Now select the link for Manage Workspace to Schema Assignments

You'll be taken to a page that looks like this, select Create

The check "Existing" when prompted for a New or Existing Schema

Select your newly created workspace, TEST, and click on Next

Either enter the schema you want to map to or select it from the popup, click Next

Confirm your settings and click on Add Schema

And voila! You've now mapped your workspace to 2 separate schemas

You can also do this if you create a workspace via APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN, but only on creation, there seems to be no facility in that package to add it after creation. The procedure call is ADD_WORKSPACE.

I'll create a new workspace, MANUAL_WORKSPACE and assign the primary schema as APEX_TEST and the secondary (you can add as many as you want with a colon delimited list) will be APEX_USER:
( p_workspace_id => NULL,
p_workspace => 'TEST_MANUAL',
p_primary_schema => 'APEX_TEST',
p_additional_schemas => 'APEX_USER' );

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

And you're done

Update 12/05/2009 10:17 PM
I was wrong, you can add a schema after it has been created using the APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN package...If you want to add a second schema to an already existing workspace, use the ADD_SCHEMA procedure.
CJUSTICE@TESTING>EXEC apex_instance_admin.add_schema( 'TEST', 'APEX_USER' );

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Elapsed: 00:00:00.52


Annie said...

Thank you for the information :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info, Mate

Unknown said...

Hi, the post is OK, i'm doing some tests. Question is, i'm trying to create an IR with query builder, but i can only see ONE schema in the create window. Cannot see both mapped schemas.
thanks in advance

richard brooker said...

didn't know about the apex_instance_admin package ... thanks buddy `:)