Saturday, December 5, 2009

APEX: Application Builder Defaults

Home --> Workspace --> Application Builder --> Application Builder Defaults

I'm not sure which version this was released, but it makes life just a little bit easier...which is ultimately the goal of any technology. From your Application Builder home page in the Tasks section, you should see Application Builder Defaults

In the Application Builder Default section, you can set preferences for Tabs, Authentication, Themes and Globalization. What this means is that each subsequent application you create in a given workspace will default to the values you supply in this section.

Your choices with Tabs are No Tabs, One Level of Tabs or Two Levels of Tabs. I've always used Two Levels of Tabs, just in case I want or need to expand the application.

For Authentication, I like to default to No Authentication, preferring instead to add an Authentication schema at a later time.

Theme 12 used to be my favorite...I had heavily customized it in the past and became very familiar with it. However, I'm starting to like Theme 20 now, so I select that.

As for Globalization, I just accept the defaults. I have yet the opportunity to build an application in anything other than English.

Next time you go to create an application, you should be able to just click through as your favorites are now the default.

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