Sunday, November 29, 2009

Teaching APEX

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Dallas, TX for a 4 day teaching assignment on Application Express.

I'm a bit nervous for multiple reasons.
1. I've never had a problem (well, not in my 30's anyway) getting up and speaking in front of people. My style is light on slides and heavy on winging it. I can do that because I don't often give talks on things I don't know intimately. Don't get me wrong, I have a basic outline to follow, but I have never liked lectures and tried to avoid them at all costs.
2. Leaving the family. The last time I was away from my family for more than a day was 3 years ago, when I moved down to Tampa. Before that, it was 2002 when I went to OOW. I was homesick both times. a strange thing for me. I grew up as an only child and moved 8 I was always the new kid with no friends. I went to college 2000 miles away from home (CO --> FL). It wasn't until I had a family did I first experience the phenomenon.
3. I have to get on a plane. Yes, it's irrational...I know this. You are far more likely to die on the roads (in the US anyway). Again, this has something to do with the family thing. A feeling of mortality? I don't know. I've probably flown 100 times in my life, I used to love flying...the people watching in the terminal, the feeling of takeoff, landing...

In fact, when I was at UF, I rode this plane countless times...without fear. (And I swear there was duct tape on the propellors...)

I've just been out of the habit of flying. No more Peter Pan Invincibility syndrome for me I guess.

I know lots of you travel quite frequently and are non-plussed by it. I will be thinking of all the people that I know that travel on a regular basis. It might require a beer or 3 to get on board this "first" time.

4. Almost forgot, I get to meet OracleNude. That could be scary too. :)

I guess this post should have been titled, A Fear of Flying, would have been more appropriate.


Noons said...

All I can say about "Fear of Flying" is: I fully sympathise!
These days, I avoid getting into those things at all costs.
The only way I can cope with them is under heavy "anesthesia"...

oraclenerd said...


I'm sure that will be my case too! Hopefully I'll only need a beer or 2 to take off that edge and I have pharmaceuticals if all else fails. :)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this isn't the plane Myer's flys around in with Tebow - :)

Clever Idea Widgetry said...

You have my number, right?