Friday, November 27, 2009

APEX: Manage Applications

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This is the section where you manage your instance wide application attributes. The only functionality that exists in this section, other than mere reporting, is the ability to change an application from Run and Build Application to Run Application Only.

Application Attributes
In the section you can view the following application attributes:
  • Workspace
  • Application - the number assigned which will be part of the URL
  • Parsing Schema
  • Application Name
  • Last Updated - The user (workspace admin or developer) who last updated this application.
  • Date - Time since the last update
  • Pages - Number of pages in the application
  • Language

Build Status
From here you can view the Build Status of your applications. It will either be Run and Build Application, which means it can be edited by developers and workspace administrators AND viewed by end users. This is typically the status in a non-production environment; or, it will be Run Application Only which is what the status should be in a production environment. It can not be modified in any way but it can be viewed by the end users.

Edit Build Status
The page where you change the Build Status.

Parsing Schemas
Finally, this tells you what the parsing schema is for the application.

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