Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Things: Volume #10

First up, the plague has visited our household. All 4 of us have it to some degree or another. The funny/cool part though, Kate seems the least affected. With her breathing issues in the past, we've either shipped her off to the grandparents or shipped ourselves off to the grandparents...if it's me, I'm usually just shipped downstairs. She's a tough little one and likes to kick hardship/illness/death in the balls whenever she can.

On the job front, nothing remarkable to speak of. Mr. Cunningham...while not getting/giving me a job, at least posted some helpful resources. Rumor also has it that he's weighing in at a svelte 219. I tried to compete with him for awhile, but as is my habit, went the other way again.

I currently have feeds from Indeed, Twitter, and Dice in Google Reader. I love it when the job search companies provide RSS capabilities.

I definitely like being at home. I like being around my family more. I know I have to pay the bills, but if I can swing it, I'm shooting for something closer. Forty minutes each way isn't terribly bad, but it's an hour and a half I could be doing something with my family.

I have revived a couple of personal projects though, 1 is the basic testing tool that will generate PL/SQL stubs. I'm not completely convinced of it, but it's a fun exercise. 2, fine-grained dependencies. OK, I can look in %_DEPENDENCIES and see that there is a dependency on TABLE_A, but what kind? Is it read-only (SELECT) or is it doing something (UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE). 3, I just came up with this the other day for some reason. I was told that a certain website had 10,000 pages. WTF? I'd like to build a little app that will find all the links within that website...if only to confirm that ridiculously high number.


LewisC said...

Thanks for the blog reference. I'd give you a job if I had one. I'm not even going to make a bad joke at your expense. ;-)

Seriously, it's a crappy market but hang in there. You have great skills. I'm starting to see the market improve slightly.


Clever Idea Widgetry said...

The dependency of a pl/sql procedure upon other objects is known to the data dictionary so it can be invalidated should the dependency change in structure or be recompiled.

So, you will have a heck of hard time determining the nature of the dependency.

Even if you wrote a perfect slick code parser to make a determination on the nature of the dependency to a table, it would be incomplete if that procedure made any dynamic sql references.

oraclenerd said...


I'm who...trying everything at this point. Sometimes, that is a good thing.

oraclenerd said...


Agreed. Part of it is also my desire to learn a bit more about regular expressions which is probably the biggest driving force behind it. I have no doubt Oracle could do this already (it may be somewhere already, just not "public").

More of a random exercise than anything though.