Monday, October 26, 2009

APEXposed 2009

and " down with OPP(2009)?". Sorry, couldn't resist. Was it 1991 that song came out? Were freshmen in college even born yet? You know you're old when you start saying stuff like that...

The event takes place in Atlanta, GA, November 10-11th.
Join PL/SQL and Application Express experts Steven Feuerstein and Scott Spendolini for two days of Seriously Practical training that can immediately be applied to your daily duties at work.

Are you interested in optimization, PL/SQL tools, or writing maintainable code? OPP 2009 is the place for you.

Are you interested in tuning, debugging, or APEX and the Oracle Database? Sign up now for APEXposed 2009.

Want to learn a little of both? Sign up for one conference and attend sessions at either conference. This provides you with a great opportunity for cross-over training.
Admittedly, I've been out of the Application Express community for a couple of years now, but I still use the tool on occasion for smallish (personal) applications and I still follow blogs of those I do know. I still try to sell the tool at every organization I join (maybe APEX is the reason I keep losing (actually, I haven't lost any of them, I know right where they are) my job?). And yes, that list is long...especially recently.

My point is, I wouldn't have remembered this even if I weren't neighbors (so to speak) with Dan McGhan, the Tampa APEX guru. Am I not plugged in to the right communities? Half of this event is PL/SQL...I should know about events related to that. I think they need more press to get the word out...

Of course I want to go and since I have free time now, all I need is a pass. Now...wait for it.

You knew I was going to ask someone didn't you? I still don't qualify as a new media douchebag though.

It's funny, I always thought that this blogging thing would one day pay off in terms of a job or conference attendance. The latter was realized last May when I attended COLLABORATE 09 and almost realized for OOW earlier this month. No job yet though. I've asked John and Dimitri. I've asked Scott too. No takers yet. They've probably read my history. :)

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