Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Am I a New Media Douchebag?

I'll continue after you've viewed the video...

Someone called me a New Media Douchebag today...jokingly of course. (I hope...)

I posted the video to Twitter and Kris Rice didn't think I complained enough to meet the 3rd requirement. I suggested that I'd be the Susy Sunshine of the New Media Douchebags...or something like that.

I've definitely embraced the idea of the New Media or Social Media or whatever you want to call it. It seems kind of natural to me. I've always been the social butterfly at work, the "nice" IT guy and I love to talk. My old manager struggled with whether this was good or bad. He saw the good of building solid relationships with business types but also the amount of time. I'm sure he wasn't the first manager to be concerned about my talking.

I've become an advocate of the New Media as well.

I think everyone and their mother should blog.

I think everyone should use Twitter.

I created a group on LinkedIn for ORACLENERD(s).

I scored a pass to COLLABORATE 09.

I received detailed instructions on migrating my rpd (OBIEE) file to production from Christian Berg.

I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of them right now.

This write about this crap all the time now.

I've even discussed doing some sort of presentation on the value of New/Social media.

Am I a New Media Douchebag? Should I relinquish ORACLENERD to someone more deserving? Tell me what you think. Some guy at work said I come off as "Extreme" (I think he meant as a future Exadata team member) in my database I can take it.


Noons said...

In the web1.0 era, you'd need to run a website called

In this day and age of web2.0, I wouldn't have a clue but I'm sure it'd involve the word "sux", written or implied.

C'mon, you gotta "hate" properly!


Kris said...

now you are just missing the "smart phone"...get that, and your transformation into new media douchebag is complete!

oraclenerd said...


I recently purchased a domain with sucks in it...maybe I'm there?

At least this one has merit (I'm sure all the rest said the same thing)! :)

oraclenerd said...


Yes dear. Thanks for reading and calling me a douchebag. ;)

Tom said...

Kris Rice is your dear? Yikes! I didn't know lol

oraclenerd said...


If I had said @krisrice, then yes. In my interactions with him so far, he has been a "dear" though. ;)

John T said...

I just checked. The url is available...

Ted Simpson said...

It seems that you do too much substantive work to claim the title. Most NMDs that I know don't really do much work. I guess being a NMD is a full time job. ;)

I also don't think you complain enough. You would need to start writing more open letters to software on twitter or something, too. (e.g. "Dear IE8, work it out.")

oraclenerd said...

@john t

i hate you

oraclenerd said...


It feels like I don't post enough substantive material. Especially the last couple of months. Mostly me complaining about this or that or writing on COLLABORATE 09 (albeit I believe I earned my free pass to the conference in volume alone).

I want to get back into the coding side of things.

LewisC said...

I don't know anout the new media part but otherwise, sure. ;-)