Saturday, August 29, 2009


Thanks to Justin, Jake, Billy (twice) and everyone else who has taken up "my" cause.

If you don't know what the cause is, you've probably been on a boat or something for the past week.

So I've spent some time expanding the available T-Shirts this weekend. Much thanks to John for pointing me to Spreadshirt. Also thanks to Michael (future guest blogger) for help (well, he created it and sent it to me) with the white version of the logo.

Below you'll find some of the shirts I've made along with the "classic" black on white or white on black.

I'm kind of digging the black on yellow. All my IDEs (SQL Developer, JDeveloper and Notepad++) have a yellow background.

From Jake:
These shirts will be the must-have item at #oow09, so get yours now...I can’t wait to see action shots from the conference.
I love this idea. What would be awesome, besides the natural "In The Wild" shots, would be a group shot...perhaps at the Blogger Meet-Up?


Unknown said...

Are there any details on the blogger meetup yet?

oraclenerd said...


I haven't heard or seen anything official. On Twitter, I have seen conversations towards it between Eddie Awad and Alex Gorbachev, it may have been taken to email though.

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