Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Things: Volume 5

Oracle OpenWorld
Earlier this week I threw in the towel in my attempt to go to OpenWorld. I applied for and received the Oracle blogger pass, but nothing else had fallen into place (flight, hotel, expenses).

Then Justin stepped in. Then Jake. Then Billy.

I've been absolutely overwhelmed at the support:

I can't really say it enough, but thank you.

oraclenerd T-Shirts in the Wild

Get yours today. I've even heard you can order your own colors!

Data Modeling
I began following @datachick recently. She is the first person, I've seen, who tweets almost exclusively about the art of data modeling. I keep trying to get her to do a guest post, but I've been unsuccessful.

In the years that I've been reading blogs, I can't say I've found someone who writes consistently on the importance of design, specifically, data modeling. It's definitely an under appreciated skill.

Oracle In The News
Deadline for Early Bird registration ends today, so go get your Oracle OpenWorld pass now.

Larry Ellison is now making only $1 a year! I can't say I've ever had a problem with him making gobs of money, I like the gesture though. He's allowed me and many others to make a pretty good living and I'm certainly thankful for that.

Department of Justice greenlights the Oracle/Sun deal. Not real sure why they are involved, I suppose it has something to do with anti-trust.

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