Friday, July 24, 2009

(Old) Social Media and Travis Page

Driving home on Wednesday listing to the local AM station, 970 WFLA, there was an announcement for the radio resumes and the most recent winner, Travis Page.

Travis then came on air, told us a little about himself and what he was looking for. I couldn't believe it when I heard Database Technologies.

Really? On the radio? I couldn't believe it.

When I got home I had to check this guy out. First thing I wanted to know, was he an Oracle guy or a Microsoft guy. Reading through his resume I found that he did have a little bit of Oracle, but he was obviously focused on SQL Server. Boo.

I had to give the guy credit though. I look(ed) for jobs through twitter, dice, monster, etc., pretty much all the places where you didn't have to talk. This guy used the radio. The radio isn't new, or shiny. Perhaps it can be shiny...but I digress.

So I dropped Travis a line telling him about tonight's SOUG meeting and encouraged him to attend. Sure enough he did.

I love that kind of dedication. I've tried to help people in the past only to see them ignore my advice.

So, if you're in the Tampa Bay area and looking for a junior developer, either Oracle or SQL Server (ugh), call Travis immediately for an interview.

We talked for a bit after the meeting and seems like a very genuine guy (plus, he showed up!). Besides his little SQL Server problem, I think a company could find good use out of a guy like him. Resourceful and dedicated are two very good traits to have in an employee.

If you missed it up above, you can find Travis' resume here.

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