Wednesday, May 6, 2009

COLLABORATE 09: It's a Roller Coaster

Tonight was the big customer appreciation event at Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios. My goal for the evening was acquiring a bracelet for Kris and fortunately a new friend gave me his. He left this morning so he wasn't going anyway.

Despite living about an hour or two away for the past 20 years or so, I've never been to Universal in Orlando. Universal in California, a million times.

Nothing better than going to a theme park with 2 or 3 thousand people...compared to the usual 20 or 30 thousand. No lines for anything. Free food everywhere and drinks were modestly priced (I can't complain about paying for my own beer now can I?).

We ran into 2 people we met on Monday and walked around for awhile. We then parted ways and I sat and people watched...talking to whomever sat next to me. Since we parked it next to the Hulk, Kris decided to take it for a spin, 5 times.

Good times.

If you can't tell, I enjoy these types of events (conferences). It is nice to be able to meet new people and people you've only known online.

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