Wednesday, May 6, 2009

COLLABORATE 09: ECM and Rocking Out

I was told by Jake that I needed to meet Billy Cripe.

Who is Billy Cripe? This guy:

From jkuramot

Kilts are awesome. I wish (I probably could actually) I could wear one every day. I'll have to try it out.

Anyway, Billy is the Director of something or another at Oracle. I decided to attend his presentation yesterday, entitled, "How To Become An Oracle ECM Rock Star".

Not your normal bullet point presentation. WIN.

I'm sure he's been called it before, but he's definitely an evangelist for his product. He worked at Stellent and they were acquired (what new) by Oracle a few years ago. Rumor has it, he has a new book out as well. (As I was standing in a fairly long line for lunch, he walked through the line telling everyone about it. WIN.)

His enthusiasm is infectious. I now want to know more about ECM. WIN.

He's a big advocate of the social web, empowering users. The part that most stuck with me was his example on creating mashups, not the integrate with Google Maps kind necessarily, but allowing everyone to put together the data in a way that best suits them. WIN.

We've talked a bit since his presentation and I like the idea of unstructured data (Billy says something like 80% of an enterprise's information is unstructured). Something like this (I think).

From oraclenerd

How does it fit in with the database world? Does it at all? Interesting questions to ponder. I've always had this nagging feeling about all the email, documents and other materials that people do you find them? How do you share them? How do you turn that raw data into something meaningful? You could be missing out on a new idea without all this information right?

If you get a chance to see Billy speak, take it. You won't be disappointed.

Read more about Oracle's Enterprise Content Management system here.


Dan Norris said...

Only thing you seem to have skipped was a link to Billy's online persona which starts at his blog ( and continues to his Twitter account (

I concur with your final assessment--I look for ways to create meetings with Billy and his evil twin, Bex ( :)

billycripe said...

@dan norris evil twin...muahhahahahaha

@oraclenerd thanks! glad you enjoyed it.

oraclenerd said...

not only his online twin but his online identity, Billy Crime.

John T said...

For the love of god, please do not wear a kilt to work!

oraclenerd said...

@john t

kilts are awesome!